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The Search for Spices
Complete the summary statements that follow, then answer the focus question regarding that information
Motivations for Exploring the Seas
 ____________ trade had existed for centuries, but was hindered by the plague
 ____________were the most valuable resource, most from Moluccas, the Spice Islands
 European traders bought them from ________ middle men, but wanted to cut them out
What other factors caused the promotion of exploration?
Portugal Sails East
 ________________ the Navigator, prince of Portugal saw great profit in trade
 To promote empire he built new ships, hired scientists and cartographers
 After Henry’s death his impact continued
o 1460 _________ makes it to the tip of Africa, the Cape of Good Hope
o 1497 _________ travels to India and begins a successful spice trade port in Calcutta
 da Gama’s actions made Portugal into a major power
How did da Gama try to reduce costs of spice?
Columbus Sails West
 Genoan ________________, like most knew the Earth was round but needed funding
 When Portugal refused he turned to Spain’ ________________and ________________
 Columbus set sail on 8/3/1492 and arrived in the ________________in October
 Spain asked approval from the ________________with the Treaty of Tordesillas
 Maps were made by Waldseemüller and named after ______________________________
What was the irony of Columbus’ beliefs about his discovery?
The Search for a Direct Route
 All of Europe scrambled for new lands, but none found a direct route
 ________________found the Pacific, but no easy route
 ____________ traveled down South America, and finally through the Straits of Magellan
 Magellan’s ships were the first to ________________ the globe
Why didn’t explorers use the Panama Canal?