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Three Worlds Meet
Ch2 Sec 2
Where was Columbus going?
Where was Columbus going?
► Knowing
the world was round he set out to
reach India, China and Japan
► He was wrong and had landed in Hispaniola
and Cuba
► In his writings and description he glorified
the find, praising the friendly people and
vast riches
► He gets new ships and returns
► Convinced
at his death he had found a
western passage
► Columbus had brought cinnamon, coconuts,
small amounts of gold and brought oranges
and sugar cane from Europe in return
► Within years others figured out he had
found a new world
Battle for Control
► Better
trade routes are the desire of
► Who remembers from World History, which
countries lead the way in exploration?
Portugal, Spain, England
► Portugal
went south around Africa also had
tip of Brazil (caravel ship, quadrant)
► Spain and England went west
► Conquistadors dominate new world within
decades Aztecs and Incas both fall
► Spain gets rich and natives are dying
Uneven Exchanges
► Desire
to gain riches and spread religion
► Natives enslaved and force to labor for
Spaniards in factories, mines, farms and
► Natives moved farther away from Spanish
but huge amounts were dying from
► Pop. 50 mill drops 90% from small pox
► Horses and fear of European gods
Exchange of Goods
► To
Europe – fruits, vegetables, corn, beans,
► To Americas – horses, cows, chickens, pigs,
oranges, sugarcane
► Potatoes increases pop.
► Sugarcane labor intensive but need labor
► Coffee, tobacco, sugarcane, mines (labor)
Africans Come to Americas
► Slavery
began in West Indies and South
America and eventually into North Am.
► New type of slavery – Permanent
► Slaves treated as sub-human
► Denied rights to education, marriage, and
► Slave status stays with offspring
► Europeans
believed that Africans were
inferior and belief was needed to rationalize
the business
► One out of six died on the trip over from