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Christopher Columbus
By: Kyle Maynard and Grant
Personal Background
Born in 1451 in Genoa
He read about Marco Polo the explorer
When he was 14 he became a salior
Sadly He died in 1506
He had first asked the
King of Portugal but was
denied. Only a little bit
later he asked Spain and
they let him. He had also
made a promise to bring
back riches. Another one
of his motives was to find
a new route to Asia and
to find riches
Spain was his sponsor
Queen Isabella and King
Ferdiand had rejected his offer
at first but later they accepted
Date of Exploration
• Columbus set sail on August 3rd , 1492 with his
three ships the Nina, the Pinta, and the Santa
• He arrived at the Americas on October 12th ,1492
His Route Of Exploration
From Spain to
America (thought
it was India)
His Impact
Claimed America For Spain
Took Slaves Back to
He also mistreated
or killed America
He Claimed land for a
European nation
Date of His
The Date
Columbus set sail
back to Spain in
1493 and brought
back some gold
ordainments and
some slaves
Other Interesting Facts
• He named the island he arrived on San Salvador,
which means Holy Savior
• The natives lead him to the island of Cuba
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