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The Age of Exploration
European’s set Sail
Europe experiences a Commercial
Revolution as trade with Asia grew
The population also grew and
1347 rats on merchant boats
infected with Bubonic Plague
The Black Death killed about 1/3
of Europe’s population
The black death created a
labor shortage in Europe
causing wages to increase
Many major trade centers
turned into large cities
As the economy grew
the need for banks and
bankers which led
people to began creating
joint-stock companies
The Renaissance
The expanding economy and
growth of trade gave some
European’s great wealth
Money allowed many to
become interested in the arts
and learning
As education became a priority
science and technology vastly
improved and the instruments
created led to the beginning of
the race for sea routes to Asia
Europe expands trade with
Asia and Africa
Trade via the sea involved
lots of risks but the country
that found the way would
profit greatly
•Own access meant wealth
•Europeans became
interested in the Asian
•Spread Christianity
Portugal takes an early lead when Bartholomew Dias
made it around the tip of Africa in which many then
followed. One of the first trade goods that the
Portuguese took from Africa was Slaves
The Race is On
QuickTime™ and a
Sorenson Video 3 decompressor
are needed to see this picture.
Christopher Columbus has a bold idea
Columbus was born in Italy but after
being rejected by his own country he
sells his plan of sailing to Asia going
west to the king and queen of Spain
Columbus was given
command of three ships, the
Nina, Pinta, and Santa Maria
With his men on the edge of
mutiny they spotted land in
the Bahamas, this really was
a mistake because no one
was aware of the America’s
Columbus’s return sparks a lot
of interest throughout Europe
Spain is excited about the
wealth of resources to be had,
especially gold
The rest of Europe is also
excited to send it’s own people
to set up their own colonies
One major conflict arose
between Spain and Portugal
that had to be settled by the
Pope, the Treaty of Tordesillas
set up the Line of Demarcation
The Race for Trade Routes
Portugal takes the lead
Vasco de Gama followed
Dias and successfully
reached Asia by sailing
around Africa
Cabral lands on the coast
of Brazil
Amerigo Vespucci sailed
for Spain and explored
more of South America
Balboa also for Spain was
the first to reach the
John Cabot is hired by
the King of England set
out to cross the Atlantic
and landed off the north
east coast of
Ferdinand Magellan a
Portuguese captain
was the first to sail
around South America
and reach Asia sailing
Unfortunately for him he did not make it for
the whole trip he was killed by natives in the
The world now had an Idea of how big it really
Now that the Atlantic was open for
trading it brought about some good
and some bad exchanges
All of Europe now wanted to
set up colonies and establish
The Columbian Exchange
introduced both Europe and
America to new plants and
animals but the European’s
also brought diseases that the
Native American’s couldn’t fight
The next objective of the European nations was to find a
Northwest Passage which was a river route through North
The English, Dutch, and
French also joined in
looking for the passage