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Tuesday 11-29-16
• “The power of time is clear. It
can be measured, be studied, or
even plotted on a map, and yet,
it is the mortal man who seeks
to outlive it.”
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after 4
Zheng He
• Chinese Admiral
• 1405-25
• Traveled on Emissary
missions across the Indian
• Giant treasure ships giving
away riches of China
• Chinese exploration
stopped due to Great Wall
Christopher Columbus
• 1492-1504
• Spain
• “discovered” new
• Failed attempt to travel
to India
Vasco de Gama
• 1497
• Portugal
• First to travel to India by going
around Africa
Ferdinand Magellan
• 1519
• Spain
• Sailed around South
America and across
the Pacific.
• His ships were the first
to circumnavigate the
Hernando Cortes
• 1519
• Spain
• Spanish Explorer/Conquistador
who landed in Mexico.
• Conquered the Aztecs and all of
their wealth in 1521
Francisco Pizarro
• 1532
• Spain
• Conquered the Incan
Empire and all of its
wealth for Spain
Samuel de Champlain
• 1603
• France
• Settled Canada
James Cook
• British
• 1768-1779
• He led the first expedition of
sailors known to cross the
Antarctic Circle and disproved
the existence of the legendary
“Southern Continent”
• Australia