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So, Why did Europeans
Explore the World?
Factors that led to Exploration
1. Crusades- exposed Europeans to
new ideas & luxury goods.
 2. Kings wanted more gold
 3. The Renaissance promoted a new
scientific view of the world
 4. New technology made exploration
Europeans Explore the World
The development of trade between
Europe & Asia inspired many
countries to seek faster trade routes.
Travel by water is faster & safer than
by land- Countries began to seek a
way to get to Asia by water
PROBLEM- there was no boat or
navigational instruments that would
allow this type of travel!
Prince Henry of Portugal
Prince Henry wanted his country to be the
1st to reach Asia by water.
Kidnapped scientists & forced them to
• Compass- finds direction using magnetic forces
• Astrolabe- another form of compass
• Caravel- double-sailed ship- very fast & durable
Once he had these items, Henry sent sailors
out to find new trade routes to Asia by sea.
Early Exploration Accomplishments
Bartholomeu Dias – Portuguese man
who was the 1st to sail from Europe
around the tip of Africa. (1488)
Vasco de Gama – Portuguese man who
was the 1st to sail from Europe around
Africa and on to India. He made so much
money from this trip that others all over
Europe quickly began to travel the sea.
Enter Columbus…..
Christopher Columbus gets in on the
exploration craze to find a quick H2O
route to Asia.
Discovers islands in the Caribbean &
claims to be in Asia- way off!
Claims all lands he “discovers” for
Spain to build colonies upon.
Impact of Columbus
Other explorers quickly followed
Everywhere they explored, they
claimed land for Spain. This land
became known as “New Spain”.
Those who conquered the natives in
this land were called “conquistadors”
Remember This!!!!
The main reason all countries sent explorers
out was not to make people smarter! It
was to make
They hoped by reaching Asia quickly, they
could purchase goods & bring them back
for trade. The faster you got there, the
faster you could make money.