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Chapter 3 Test Review
NAME: ________________________
1. Which country took the lead in finding a trade route to India? (map p. 76-77, p 85)
2. How did information from explorers assist mapmakers in creating more accurate land
and sea maps? (p. 81)
3. When did the rise of Islam begin in the Middle East and Africa? (p. 78)
4. What was the attempt by Europeans to take back control of Christian holy sites in the
Middle East called? (p. 78)
5. How was Pizarro able to conquer the Inca? (p. 93)
6. Why did Christopher Columbus embark on his voyage in 1492? (p. 87-88)
7. Which conquistador landed on the east coast of present-day Mexico in 1519? (p. 93)
8. What did England, France, and the Netherlands hope to discover in their explorations?
(p. 100)
9. What did the French trade in the Americas? (p. 102)
10. When did each event occur? (you need to know the order!)
(p. 91) Magellan Sails around the world ______________________
(p. 78) The first Crusade is launched ________________________
(p. 78) Marco Polo returns from China ________________________
(p. 89) Columbus sails to the Americas ________________________
11. For which country did each of these men explore? (Who did they represent)
Verrazano______________(p. 100)
Cartier _______________(p.101)
Cabot _________________(p. 100)
Cortes_________________(p. 93)
12. What is the difference between a PRIMARY SOURCE and a SECONDARY
SOURCE? (p. 6)
DIRECTIONS: Select a vocabulary term from this box that best answers each question below. Write the term
in the blank. Some terms may be used more than once.
Tenant farmer
Northwest Passage
12. As a European explorer, which of these would you use to:
a. set a course north, south, east, or west? _______________________
b. use the stars to help you navigate? ___________________________
c. rely on for the best-made ship? ______________________________
d. describe your passage around the entire globe? __________________
e. sail to war in a group of ships? ________________________________
13. As a person native to the Americas, which of these is a:
a. protection against disease? _____________________________
b. name for the soldiers who have come to your land? ________________
14. Which of these Spanish settlements is:
a. a town _______________________
b. a religious community? ____________________________
c. a fort? _______________________________
15. When Europeans farmed in the Americas,
a. who worked for a lord and also paid rent? __________________________
b. what large farm exported its crops to Europe? ______________________
16. As someone living in Europe, which of these is
a. a new religion that opposed the Catholic Church? ____________________
b. a movement to change some Roman Catholic teachings? ______________
c. an era of reawakening and discovery? _____________________________