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Christopher Columbus Speech
1st Hook Lead: Interest your audience right away and Introduction: Introduce your name and
your reasons for exploring
Kings and Queens of the court, would you like to find new lands and gain mountains of riches
that will forever make you famous?
My name is Christopher Columbus, and I am looking for a route to India and piles of gold!
2ND Paragraph: Discuss what you have already accomplished (everything else on your notes
While I was born in Italy, I quickly decided that I wanted to work for Spain. I always knew that I
wanted to explore the world, and I was thrilled when King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella of
Spain paid for my first trip in 1492. My goal was to find a better route to India so I could trade
spices and get rich, but unfortunately I never reached that goal. For my whole life I believed
that I had landed in India, but really I landed in the Caribbean Islands. I continued to make trips
to this same area until 1504. Although I made a few mistakes such as capturing some Taino
Indians in San Salvador and selling them into slavery, I was also the first European to step foot
in the Americas since the Vikings! I am also credited for starting the Age of Exploration and
causing millions of people to come to North and South America and to make them the
continents we know and love today!
3RD Paragraph: Your promises - persuasion
As you may remember, I found a whole new continent! If you give me $1 million dollars, I will
name this continent after you! I can promise you that I will find billions of pounds of gold and
give you half of what I find! I will discover sparkling diamonds and give you parts of my findings!
4TH Conclusion:
I’d like to take the time to thank you all for listening to my proposal. Just remember, I
Christopher Columbus, am truly the best bet you have in changing the future of our world.