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d) in order to consent to a procedure a patient must be informed about it.
16. A _________ approach to human behavior control would insist that we don’t know what the
standard for normal behavior is.
a) behaviorist
b) antibehaviorist
c) kantian
d) caring
17. So called ____________ is a technique used to deal with overeating, drug or alcohol abuse.
a) brain surgery
b) “hot wax” treatment
c) carrot ‘n’ stick
d) aversive conditioning
18. The main moral argument against the use of human beings in experiments is that
a) humans do not make good subjects.
b) humans should not be used as a means to an end.
c) animals are less squeamish.
d) animals don’t think or reason.
19. The central view of those opposed to stem cell research is that
a) no good can come of it.
b) the slippery slope or domino effect will make us like Nazis.
c) humans can’t “play God.”
d) the procedure kills the embryo.
20. How will the use of adult stem cells resolve some of the moral issues involved here?
a) Because they’re older they can deal with it
b) Because an embryo is not involved
c) Because adult stem cells are more useful
d) None of the above
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