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Contraception and responsibility
Sexual experience and compatibility
Sexual pleasure
A private, not a public matter
Sex in marriage – type relationships (including non-legal)
Continuous and lasting
Purpose of sex in this relationship
1. Intimate expression of love
2. Procreation
Various types of marriage relationships
1. Monogamy
2. Polygamy
3. Group Marriage
Arguments against non-monogamous marriages
1. Bible advocates marriage
2. Tradition
3. Exclusivity required by law
4. Social diseases and AIDS eliminated (or greatly reduced)
5. Better for children
Argument for
1. Encourages alternative lifestyles and arrangements where all enter freely and willingly into
Homosexual marriage – Purpose of sex as an expression of love
Arguments against homosexuality
1. “Unnatural” and “perverse”
2. Against laws of God
3. Sets bad example for children
4. Homosexuals regarded as main cause of AIDS
5. Offensive to “family values”
Arguments for homosexuality
1. Non conclusive “proof” of “natural” laws or God’s law
2. Private issue (recent Supreme Court decision striking down Texas sodomy laws)
3. No link between homosexuality and inclination to child abuse
4. Non incompatibility between homosexuality and “family values”
Arguments against
1. Violation of most personal and intimate human contract
2. Bad consequences for all affected
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