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11. The purpose of human sexuality is
a) fun/pleasure.
b) procreation.
c) an expression of love.
d) an expression of friendship.
e) all of the above.
12. The public aspect of sexuality is concerned with those matters that overtly
a) affect nonparticipating others.
b) appear on television.
c) contravene public decency.
d) disturb the majority.
13. The main argument against sexual freedom is that
a) it violates tradition and family values.
b) sex is very bad for you.
c) sex is for procreation only.
d) it’s against God.
14. The approach to marriage that openly accepts “free love” amongst it’s members is known as
a) monogamy.
b) polygamy.
c) group marriage.
d) homosexual marriage.
e) having your cake and eating it.
15. Monogamy is considered a good form of marriage because
a) the love relationship can become so intimate and involved.
b) the Bible says so.
c) children need one mother and father.
d) human sexuality can be carefully controlled.
16. If adulterers are discreet, avoid breaking up or causing harm to their families and practice
safe sex, then what’s wrong with that?
a) Nothing
b) Adultery always involves deception of some kind
c) Sexual diseases
d) Could lead to “wife swapping” or “swinging”
17. The main “argument” against the morality of homosexuality is
a) it’s unnatural: God created Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve.
b) gays are responsible for the AIDS crisis.
c) the gay lifestyle is offensive to family values.
d) the “Homosexual Agenda.”
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