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Criteria for animal rights
1. Life and being alive
2. Having interests
3. Attributes of soul, mind and feelings
4. Reason
Ways of dealing with animal rights
1. Vegetarianism
2. Sentimentalism
3. Wholism
Use of animals for food
Ways of raising animals for food
1. Factory farming
2. Free range
Vegetarianism – opposed to 1.
Carnivores – whichever method delivers best quality meat
Moderate position – condone animals as food, except by clearly cruel methods like factory
Use of animals for experimentation
Arguments for
Scientific and medical purposes.
Arguments against
Not justified in making an animal suffer for human benefit
Moderate position
Not opposed to experiments but they must be absolutely necessary
Killing animals for sport
It should be allowed
1. An ancient activity of man
2. Controlling animal population
3. Desire for animal meat and other body parts
It should not be allowed
1. An ancient activity no longer required
2. The animal population will control itself
3. No further need for wild game or body parts
Moderate position
1. Killing for sport allowed on a limited basis
2. No reason to kill wild animals for meat
3. No killing animals for body parts and skins
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