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12. The approach to rights and obligations in business – which stresses a laissez faire attitude
without controls - is sometimes called
a) the government control approach.
b) the moderate position.
c) the competitive approach.
d) the ethical approach.
13. The type of justice that involves reimbursement for services rendered is called
a) Exchange Justice.
b) Distributive Justice.
c) Social Justice.
d) Retributive Justice.
14. The moral approach to advertising is the ____________ approach.
a) anything goes approach
b) buyer beware approach
c) the truthful approach
d) the moderate approach
15. Business has no responsibilities to the environment or society only consumers and
shareholders. This is known as the
a) primacy of the environment view.
b) primacy of business view.
c) moderate view.
d) primacy of society view.
16. The moderate position on affirmative action says that
a) blacks and women are inferior.
b) a business employer’s practices are private.
c) quotas, goals and timetable must be established.
d) AA must be taken at all levels and employers should have the freedom to hire who they wish.
17. The bases for arguments against sexual harassment are that
a) all people deserve to be treated with respect.
b) it is now socially unacceptable.
c) in the end it brings profits down.
d) it’s unfair on the men and women who don’t get any attention.
18. Who said that the ideal of journalism was the “communication of truth”?
a) The Disney corporation (who own ABC amongst others)
b) Patterson and Wilkins
c) Princess Diana
d) Bill Clinton
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