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14. As an egalitarian you would distribute rewards
a) on need.
b) on ability.
c) on merit.
d) equally without regard for need or merit.
15. The theory of deterrence is a ____________ theory.
a) desert
b) results
c) restitution
d) compensation
16. Who proposed the theory of a “just society”?
a) Aristotle
b) Robert Nozick
c) George Bush
d) John Rawls
17. Who believed that offenders should be punished only if they deserve it and not for any
consequences that may come of it?
a) Mill
b) Bentham
c) Kant
d) Sidgewick
18. Who have been accused of thinking of punishment in terms of use rather than justice?
a) The retributivists
b) The Utilitarians
c) The Quakers
d) The restitutionists
19. Restitution theories believe that when a crime is committed a victim should
a) seek compensation.
b) seek revenge.
c) seek help.
d) seek punishment.
20. What kind of case presents difficulties for all the theories of punishment?
a) Where harm occurs but the people causing it are clearly irresponsible
b) Where harm occurs but the people causing it are really without fault
c) Where harm does not occur but could if people were slightly more unlucky
d) Where harm does occur but the people causing it cannot be caught
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