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11. In the Platonic dialogue ______ Socrates famously discussed his decision to drink the poison
a) The Republic
b) The Georgias
c) The Crito
d) The Sophist
12. An effective argument against the morality of suicide can be the
a) religious argument.
b) justice argument.
c) irrationality argument.
d) depression argument.
13. No one really advocates suicide. But some support the value of the principle of _________ in
moral decision making
a) justice
b) freedom
c) honesty
d) beneficence
14. One good argument that attempts to justify killing in defense of the innocent says that
a) the good of defending the innocent outweighs the bad of killing a person threatening to kill
b) the good of killing a person threatening innocents is at least equal to any bad.
c) God works in mysterious ways and humans don’t understand His morality.
d) we must defend the innocent to the point of killing those who threaten them because it’s justice.
15. According to the author the most morally significant argument for war is
a) overpopulation.
b) economic gain.
c) technological development.
d) “Necessary Evil.”
16. The main argument against war is that it is a massive violation of the principle of _____
a) freedom.
b) justice.
c) goodness.
d) life.
17. Terrorism can be defined as
a) war against civilians to undermine their leaders, government and policies.
b) politics by other means.
c) an attempt by the “third world” to express anger at the “first world.”
d) war against non-religious civilians by religious groups.
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