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7. The strong pro-choice position is that life begins at birth.
8. By the end of the fourth week after conception the embryo looks like a newt or tadpole with
gills and a tail.
9. For many moderates abortion is an unresolvable conflict of absolutes.
10. It was Bill Clinton who said that “killing is brutalizing and criminalizing for the killer.”
11. A zygote is defined as
a) a developing individual from the second week of gestation.
b) a developing individual from the eighth week.
c) a group of cells that result form the meeting of the sperm and egg.
d) that which has been conceived.
12. Human life begins at conception is the view generally of those
a) opposed to abortion.
b) in favor of abortion.
c) in favor of abortion very early on.
d) opposed to abortion after the sixth week.
13. The central argument for abortion is that
a) nobody knows when life begins.
b) women have primary rights over their own bodies.
c) abortion is a contraceptive practice.
d) adoption doesn’t work.
14. The moderate argument for abortion takes the
a) conception view of when life begins.
b) birth view of when life begins.
c) developmental view of when life begins.
d) viability view of when life begins.
15. From an antiabortionist point of view the domino argument is that
a) abortion will lead to a loss of reverence for human life.
b) abortion will lead to pre-teen sex.
c) abortion defies God’s will.
d) abortion will lead to the loss of humane institutions for children.
16. Who wrote the “ethical problems of abortion”?
a) Daniel Callahan
b) John Stuart Mill
c) George Bush
d) Sissela Bok
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