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Digital Ad Sales Lead
OneRiot seeks a digitally-savvy sales lead to join our kickass team.
OneRiot is social advertising network that helps brands like Xbox, AT&T and Aol connect
with a new audience of always-on web and mobile web users. We're venture backed,
growing every month and focus on helping advertisers with these things:
Community engagement and development
Social referral and viral marketing
New audience acquisition
App and digital edition marketing
Social media optimization (SMO)
You will be an energetic self-starter with a solid grasp of social media marketing. You
have great contacts within leading advertising agencies and media companies -- as well
as 4-7 years direct experience partnering with and selling services to these types of
Responsibilities Include:
Developing and maintaining strong relationships with top-tier advertising
agencies and media buyers
Creating and pitching strategic proposals for advertiser campaigns
Managing a pipeline of partnership opportunities and meeting sales goals
Serving as liaison between advertiser and audience needs and our product
development team
Laying the foundation for a daily double rainbow
Skills and characteristics:
Solid grasp of social media marketing strategy and systems
Fluent in internet advertising metrics (CPC, CPM, CPA, RPM, etc)
Self-motivated, energetic work ethic and willingness to travel
At least four years of experience in digital advertising, media planning and/or
buying and business development.
We are currently considering candidates located in New York, San Francisco, Los
Angeles, Chicago, and at our headquarters in Boulder, Colorado.
Base salary commensurate with experience
Competitive performance-related bonus
Options package
Health Insurance and full benefits
Please submit a resume, along with links to any social media presence, to
[email protected]