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• Know how to calculate the following:
– Standard deviation and standard error
– Using error bars in bar graphs
– Reaction rate (slope) calculation
– Water potential calculations
• What is the main purpose and equation of
cellular respiration?
• What type of organisms perform cellular
• Where does CR take place in prokaryotes
and in eukaryotes?
• Explain the role of an electrochemical
gradient in forming ATP molecules.
• What would happen with the process of
cellular respiration if mitochondria would
be punctured?
• What is the main purpose of fermentation?
• How does the efficiency of fermentation
compare to the efficiency of cellular
• What is the purpose of glycolysis? Where
does it take place?
• What is the purpose of the intermediate
process? Where does it take place?
• What is the purpose of the citric acid cycle?
Where does it take place? Under what
• Where are the following substances
produced? Where are they used after
– Pyruvate
– CO2
– O2
– NAD+
• Where exactly does oxygen come from
during photosynthesis?
• Where exactly does ATP come from
during photosynthesis?
• Where exactly is water used during
• Where exactly is CO2 used in
• What is the free energy source of cellular
respiration? Photosynthesis?
• Where exactly is glucose produced in
• Where exactly are ATP and NADPH used
in photosynthesis?
• How exactly is the energy of sunlight used
as a source of energy during
• Where exactly is NADPH produced during
• Explain the process of the light reaction.
• Explain how various animals resolve transport of
materials. Point out an advantage and
disadvantage of each.
• Explain how oxygen is transported in the blood.
Point out two different changes that can help the
easy release of oxygen in the right places.
• Describe three evolutionary trends of vertebrate
• Explain how the heart provides a one-way
• Explain how oxygen and carbon dioxide rich
blood separated in the heart.
• Explain how minerals can be transported
into plant roots.
• Give two examples of surface increasing
methods in plant roots.
• Explain what forces move water into plant
roots than up into the leaves.
• Explain the role of Casparian strips in
plant transport.
• Explain how the stomata of plants open
and close.
• Explain how organic matter is transported
in plants.
• List three examples of using H ion pump in
plant transport.
• List and explain 4 adaptations of plants to
dry land
• List and explain 4 adaptations of plants to