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Plant Processes
Original by Mark Morgan
Berrien County High School
Edited by Georgia Agriculture Education Curriculum Office
July 2002
Basic processes that plants
depend upon for growth
Cellular Respiration
Water absorption
The process by which green
living plants convert carbon
dioxide and water in the
presence of light into simple
Steps in Photosynthesis
1.) Carbon Dioxide gas enters the
plant through stomata which are
primarily located on the leaves
2.) Water is absorbed by the hairs
on the roots and transported to the
leaves by the xylem tissues
Steps in Photosynthesis (Cont.)
3.)Light strikes the chlorophyll
contained in the chlorophasts in
the mesophyll cells of the leaf
and stem
4.) Light energy is absorbed
Steps in Photosynthesis (Cont.)
5.) Chemical reaction take place
that convert the hydrogen from
water, along with carbon dioxide, to
simple sugar called glucose
6.) The glucose is transported by
the phloem tissues to other parts of
the plant.
Steps in Photosynthesis (Cont.)
7.) Oxygen is released through
the stomata.
Cellular Respiration
The controlled breaking down of
glucose, releasing energy for the
plant, growth, absorption,
translocation, and many other
metabolic processes.
Why is cellular respiration
considered a basic life process?
Cellular respiration enables the
plant cell to release energy
which is then