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Multiple Choice topics - 25 questions
Life cycle of moss and gymnosperms
Spores and asexual reproduction
Plant responses all of them, tropisms
Photosynthesis all elements needed
Cellular respiration, what is it? Which organ of a plant is needed to carry out?
male/female parts of a plant
Cytokinins are found where?
Two stages of a plant’s life cycle
Daughter haploid structures in a plant are called?
Photosynthesis chemical reaction
90% of our oxygen in the atmosphere comes from?
What is a short day plant?
Cellular respiration chemical equation
Water enters a plant through…
Which chemical is produced in ripening fruits?
Short night plants are?
Short answers
Why do sunflowers bloom only in the summer?
Why do plants need glucose?
What would be a plant’s response to cytokininis
Leaves of trees change color in autumn, die and drop off. What stimuli is the tree responding
Photosynthesis requires carbon dioxide, water and light energy to make glucose. Explain why
photosynthesis slows down as fall approaches.
Explain how cellular respiration is the opposite reaction to photosynthesis.
Name 3 ways seeds can be dispersed.
How do gymnosperms differ from angiosperms?