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C1 5 Products from oils
Dr Barker 2011
5. A reaction in which water is chemically added to a compound.
7. The reaction of monomers to make a polymer.
9. The reaction in which the enzymes in yeast turn glucose into ethanol and carbon
10. An alkene with the formula C3H6.
11. Polymers that change in response to changes in their environment.
12. A hydrocarbon whose molecules contain at least one carbon-carbon double
1. Something that cannot be replaced once it is used up.
2. An alkene with the formula C2H4.
3. The reaction used in the oil industry to break down large hydrocarbons into
smaller, more useful ones.
4. Small reactive molecules that react together in repeating sequences to form a
very large molecule ( a polymer).
6. A covalent bond made by the sharing of two electrons.
8. Materials that can be broken down by microorganisms.
10. A substance made from very large molecules made up of many repeating units.
13. Unsaturated hydrocarbon which contains a carbon-carbon double bond. The
general formula s CnH2n.
Dr Barker 2011