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Look over Chapter 3 Review on page 61 of your text.
Look over the chapter review questions you completed from pages 62 – 63 of your text.
Look over 3-1 & 3-2 Study Guide worksheets.
What is a functional group and what does it do to a compounds structure and function?
How does the structure of phospholipids, linear molecules with a polar end and a nonpolar end,
relate to their function in the cell membrane?
Know what the monomers of each molecule of life are and examples of each monomer.
What allows carbon to form four covalent bonds with atoms of other elements?
Why are lipids a good energy-storage molecules?
What type of bond holds amino acids together? What kind of reaction is this?
What are organic molecules that catalyze reactions in living systems?
What is the function of ATP?
What are isomers?
What are the structural differences between monosaccharides, disaccharides, and
How many PAIRS of electrons are shared in a single bond? Double bond? Triple bond?
What is the primary function of nucleic acids?
What determines the shape and function of a protein?
Be able to draw double bonds for carbon in a diagram (remember how many bonds can carbon
How do enzymes lower activation energy?
Be able to identify the molecules of life by their structure.
Glucose stored as what in animals? In plants?
What are the differences between a hydrolysis reaction and a condensation reaction?