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Cell Theory
The Center for Disease Control, or CDC, has had to respond
to several concerns about various outbreaks of disease across the
state. In order to better understand the diseases and how to deal
with them, the CDC, has established a series of monetary grants
in which they will pay people to do the cell research for them.
Writing Choice 1.
You are a biologist that is applying for one of the grants.
The CDC has requested that you write a brief overview of cells
and organelles to show that you understand the parts of the cells
and their functions.
In your essay be sure to include the following:
* compare and contrast prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells
* describe the basic cell organelles and their functions within
the cell
* compare and contrast plant cells and animal cells.
Writing Choice 2
You are a biologist for the CDC that has been asked to
write a report to the Governor about Cells. Make sure you
include information on the following points:
*explain how the cell theory developed.
*describe differences between plant and animal cells
*describe three structures that plant and animal cells share
and include their functions
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