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Exam 1 Review
Thursday, February 10
Exam 1 will cover the sections listed below. Remember that you will also have Quiz 3 over 2.3
& 2.4 after the exam. All answers to the Chapter Review Questions will be in the back of your
book. Look over all of your old homework problems.
Expect a mix of questions from the following types:
 Short Answer/Explanation
 Fill in the blank
 Provide a Model
 Provide an Example
 Problem-Solving (formal 4-steps not required)
 Exercises/Computations
1.2: Counterexamples, arithmetic sequences, common difference, geometric sequences, common
ratio, sequences that are neither arithmetic nor geometric.
Chapter 1 Review: 3, 11
1.3: Four-step problem solving process, strategies for solving problems (avoid guess and check).
Chapter 1 Review: 14, 15, 24, 25
Problems solved in class on Thursday, Jan 20.
Problem-Solving Handout
2.1: Set, element, one-to-one correspondence, equal sets, equivalent sets, subsets, proper subsets,
Venn diagram, universal set, empty set, complement of a set, whole numbers, natural numbers,
infinite sets, finite sets.
Activity: Attribute Elimination, Sort and Classify
2.2: Union of sets, intersection of sets, disjoint sets, addition of whole numbers, properties of
addition of whole numbers, models for addition of whole numbers, models for subtraction of
whole numbers, less than, greater than.
Chapter 2 Review: 6, 7, 8, 13, 14, 15,
2.3: Models for multiplication of whole numbers, properties for multiplication of whole
numbers, models for division of whole numbers, division by zero, division algorithm.
Chapter 2 Review: 9, 10ac, 16, 17, 18
2.4: Number versus numeral, base ten pieces, expanded notation, expanded notation with
exponents, converting numbers from base ten to another base, converting numbers from another
base to base ten, adding and subtracting in other bases—not multiplying in other bases.
Chapter 2 Review: 4, 5, 12
Activity: A Visit to Fouria
Activity: Add, Subtract & Multiply in Other Bases
Activity: Find the Missing Number