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EK: A variety of intercellular and
intracellular signal transmissions
mediate gene expression
Signal Transmission within and between cells
mediates gene expression
 Cytokines and the immune system
 Helper T cells release cytokines that stimulate the B and T cells
to undergo proliferation to increase numbers during an
immune response.
 Growth factors released by cells stimulate cell division.
 cAMP levels and bacteria metabolism
 cAMP activates and increases the response in the lac operon in
response to large quantities of lactose.
 Ethylene production in fruit
 Activates enzymes that cause enzymes to be produced that
cause fruit to ripen.
Signal transmission within and between cells
mediates cell function.
 Morphogens- Devlopment
 Bicoid
 Caudal
 P53 genes
 Change in tumor suppressor gene can lead to cancer.
 HOX genes
 Hox Genes and Body Plans