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Don K. Marut
Penang, 27 – 29 September 2009
• The Climate Change is an issue of
• It cannot be solved just by technological
fix; or just by environmental fix, or just by
economic fix.
• It is rooted in the deviation of
understanding of human nature, human
relations, humanity and living beings and
the space.
Climate Injustice
• Climate Change took place as a result of
injustice  150 years of colonialism and
neocolonialism and imperialism.
• The solution to Climate Change has been put
within injustice Frameworks – market oriented
vs. the human and ecological frameworks.
• The measures on Climate Change will create
deeper injustice – the poor countries have the
same responsibilities as the developed
Three Areas and Levels of Injustice
• Process Level
• Contents Level
• Enforcement Measures
Climate Justice Movement –
Crowded and Slippery
• Various groupings are involved: each group
promote its own principles: Climate Justice Now;
It is Time for Climate Justice; Environmental
Justice and Climate Justice, etc.
• The problem of definition of Justice: Justice for
whom? Market-oriented vs. “the People”.
• “The People” as source of legitimacy
• “The people” as the object of exploitation
Carbon Trade as Carbon
• Developed countries become developed
because of colonialism, imperialism and
human slavery.
• Carbon Trade is another form of
colonialism. Accepting carbon trade
mechanism means accepting new form of
colonialism. (Eg. Income generating
People’s Protocol
• The People’s Movement on Climate Change – is
seen as another variant of Climate Justice.
Actually it is not.
• People’s Protocol is intended to be an anti-thesis
to the market-oriented Kyoto Protocol; an antithesis to the whole unjust mechanisms related to
the climate change issue; a way to revitalize the
fundamental worldviews on humanity, human
nature and the space.
• It is The People vs. Kyoto Protocol (Profit).
• This is the best time for all nations in the
world to look into their fundamental world
views, whether the choices that have been
made and the relations involved have
been in line with the fundamental
worldviews of humanity and human
relations and the space or not.
• Since the climate change is a global
human issue, it is not the best time for the
developing countries for decoupling from
the developed world;
• All have to take part in justice
• But it is the time to get rid of the carbon
colonialism, and stand up together as
equal human beings with the same rights
to the sky and ecological space.