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A Presentation for FANRPAN
Annual Regional Stakeholder Dialogue
Maputo, September, 2009
Gabriella Richardson-Temm, The World Wildlife Fund (WWF)
Interplay between development and the environment
Climate change - with new associated financial
resources and interests - effecting interactions
between governments, people and the environment;
Disconnected global and national agendas and efforts (climate,
energy, biodiversity loss, agricultural development, poverty
alleviation, food security and population)
Fractured opportunities and missed synergies
Scant attention to specific interventions and innovations needed for
community participation in an integrated climate approach.
 Re-articulate
& re-understand the interplay between
climate, development and the environment
finding integrated solutions from land to tackle climate change,
poverty, food security and biodiversity
 Appreciating rural communities as principal stewards of
landscapes, specifically in areas of agriculture, forest and climate
Our Response
Long history working on interrelated areas of agriculture,
land use and climate;
Two sister grants and new institutional efforts
Comesa – Project on Capacity Development for Eastern and
Southern Africa Countries to climate change protection and
WWF Planning and Engagement grant to promote work in three
eco- regions and representative countries
CARE/WWF Alliance
Carbon Measurement, Monitoring and Management Program
The Program
Strengthen the institutional, policy and practice frameworks that
will empower rural communities, as the principal stewards of their
landscapes, to play a unique role in advancing a broad spectrum
of interrelated climate, development and environmental goals:
Develop a conceptual framework that brings these interrelated
agendas together and building a consensus around that framework
among important thought leaders:
Work with regional institutions, national governments and civil
society organizations to design and launch a related implementation
Launch and/or incorporate model projects that can feed ideas and
rural participation into the implementation framework ( (i.e. Investor
type carbon, adaptation, agricultural/agro-forestry and energy
Principles of Engagement
Local empowerment agenda:
linking institutional and policy work to the stewards (community-based carbon
projects and related landscape-scale agricultural, land use, adaptation and
mitigation interventions)
Local-to-global framework:
bringing stewardship and conservation into national, regional and global climate
discussions, strategies and programs;
Multi-functional context:
recognizing the potential of the “Nature, Wealth and Power” framework to guide
institutional, financial and policy work
Multi-institutional design:
Including rural community,CSOs, national governments, regional organizations,
businesses & the international climate and development communities;
New financial architecture:
Connecting carbon mitigation finance, commercial and investment banking,
development assistance and climate adaptation funds to local micro-finance
institutions and emerging financial instruments
Planning and Engagement
International development, agricultural and climate
Regional inter-governmental organizations
National governments
Private sector
Civil society organizations,
Rural communities