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Presentation Topic
Presented To:
Sir Adnan Rafiq
CyberGold-Mypoints connect you with advertisers who pay you real money to read
ads and explore the Web.
CyberGold, Inc. was a leading Internet incentives and payment technology company
that rewards consumers with cash and other rewards for responding to Web-based
advertisements and programs.
CyberGold (
Consumers fill out questionnaire to earn cash.
Cash used for later purchases or applied to credit card account.
It provide you the most efficient way to reaching responsive and interested
consumer on the internet.
Direct payment made by the advertisers for ads viewed
We serve three main representative : advertising and
marketing clients, consumer members and merchants.
Advertising and marketing clients use Cybergold to costeffectively acquire new customers with offers and cash
Consumer members use Cybergold to earn cash rewards
for responding to offers on our Web site.
Merchants use Cybergold as a cost-effective means to
sell inexpensive digital content.
Earn & Spend Community
Our business revolves around what we call the Earn &
Spend Community -- a place on the Internet where
consumers can earn cash incentives for responding to
online marketing offers by our advertising and marketing
By opening a Cybergold account, a consumer can
become a member of the Earn & Spend Community.
1.Online Advertising and Direct Marketing:
Advertisers and marketers are attracted to the Internet
because it enables them to distribute information
Reach potential customers globally and engage in oneto-one customer interaction.
These capabilities create significant opportunities for
advertisers, marketers and merchants to develop direct
relationships with consumers.
2. Online Incentive Programs:
Incentives-based programs, which reward consumers for
their attention or specific response to ads and promotions.
Advertisers are charged on a cost-per-action basis in these
Most incentives-based programs offer consumers the ability
to earn "points" that are redeemable only for limited
products, frequent flyer miles or other non-cash rewards.
3.Electronic Payment System
 A system creating the means for transferring money between
suppliers and users of funds.
 A secure electronic financial transaction has to meet the
following three requirements:
 ensure that communications are private;
 verify that the communications have not been changed in
 ensure that the data to be transferred was, in fact, generated by
the signed author.
Electronic Payment and
Security Systems
Web Server
•Verify merchant
•Receive order
•Receive payment
•Confirm order
•Verify customer
•Review payment
•Authorize or deny payment
Credit cards Bank accounts Online buying E-Bill Payment Electronic Cash
Debit Cards
MasterCard Online Banking 1 ClickCharge BillerXpert
Quiz Time
• What is cybergold?
• How cybergold manages direct marketing?
• What sort of online payment mechanism that are
used by cybergold?