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Interactive Advertising
Interactive Ads
• Promotional technique that involves an
element of feedback from the customer.
• In digital marketing, refers to media-based
marketing that businesses use to promote
• Consumers are targeted on the websites they
visit as well as on smartphones and other
hand-held devices.
Site-Specific Media Buys
• This is purchase of an amount of time and or
space on specific media channels (television
station channel, website, magazine page)
• The cost of a media buy depends on features on
the advert, the time that the ad will show and its
• Buyers (52% of people surveyed in 2010) prefer
site-specific media buys to other ads because
site-specific media buyers are more interesting,
informative within a short time.
Ad Networks
• An Ad Network (Advertising Network) is a
company that connects advertisers to
websites that want to host advertisements
• Media-neutral, ", but increasingly it is used to
refer to as the effect of connecting publisher
ad space and sale to advertisers is most
commonly seen on internet platforms "online
ad network"
Unlike traditional media ad networks, online Ad
Networks deliver advertisement to the
consumer through the use of and Ad Server.
Thus it allows for targeting, tracking and
reporting of impressions in ways that analog
media cannot.
AdWords (Google), AdChina, Adform (Denmark),
Right Media, Zedo, etc.
Ad Network on Google (AdWords)
Ad Network on Facebook
• An arrangement where two or more parties
exchange goods and services.
• Takes the form of joint ventures where parties
volunteer goods and services on broadly equal
terms and equal reward
• The internet has enabled companies to
engage in contra deals in an inexpensive and
easy way.
Arrangement between Vodafone and
Charterhouse for the VGMAs.
• Good way to build networks and alliances
• Helps increase cash flow through partnerships
• “advertising that seeks to establish a deeper
association and integration between a
marketer and target market, often involving
coordinated beyond-the-banner placements.”
(The Digital Marketing Reference, 2016)
• 90% of US marketers include sponsorship in
their marketing activities. Social media is used
as a channel for leveraging sponsorship
• Pre-roll adverts around event videos
• Logo placements
• Streaming concerts
• Sponsored webinars
• Co-branded content sections
• The brand is able to reach a larger audience
• Stronger brand association through the events
sponsored by the brand
• Brand exposure, leading to brand awareness
FMF Apparel used an online video
featuring motocross athletes to drive
marketing of its Octane Junkies line.
Behavioral Targeting
• Technique used by online advertisers to
deliver ads to users who will be most
interested in them
• Delivery is done based on information
collected from web-browsing behavior, like
sites visited and searches made.
• Provides higher levels of interaction, and in
turn higher sales for the business.