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Membrane Biophysics and
Synaptic Physiology
Explanation of cellular and circuit
communication using the basic principles
of biophysics.
Explanation of basic biological phenomenon
using physical principles.
Membrane Biophysics and Synaptic
function – mitochondrial channels as a model
classical biophysical transporter mechanisms
•Unusual mechanisms of transport
gating, chemical gating, and permeation of gap junctions
dependence of release, two models and mechanisms?
•Multivesicular release, when and where?
mechanisms, presynaptic mechanisms
•Detailed mechanisms
and synaptic integration
selectivity as a model
Membrane Biophysics and
Synaptic Physiology
What you need to do:
PARTICIPATE – sign up for paper presentations
and read all assigned papers and come ready to
discuss/question papers.
In small groups (1-3 people depending on class
size) write a brief proposal to use biophysical or
physiological methods to address an important
(or interesting) question in neuroscience (see
handout for details).