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Animal Behavior Study Guide
1. Shivering is a _______________________behavior.
2. Anything that changes the relationship between an organism and its environment is a
3. Riding a bike is learned by _______________ & ________________.
4. Why do some animals live in groups?
5. What happens to an animal when it hibernates?
6. Why do some animals migrate?
7. What is communication? (definition)
8. Name the 4 types of communication and describe each one.
9. Explain the relationship between innate behaviors and genetics.
10.Compare innate and learned behaviors. Give an example of each.
~*~Tell which of the following examples are innate behavior and which are learned
behavior. Write the word innate or learned in the space provided.~*~
1. ________________ Sowbugs move away from the light.
2. ________________ A dog lies down when given a command to do so.
3. ________________ A male stickleback fish protects its young.
4. ________________ The pupil of a cat’s eye increases in size in dim light.
5. ________________ A seeing eye dog leads a blind person.
6. ________________ A dog barks twice for a bone.
7. ________________ Spiders spin webs correctly on their first try.
8. ________________ Birds fly south for the winter.
9. ________________ A person rides a bicycle.
10.________________ A person shivers when cold.
~*~Use the word bank to match to the definitions below.~*~
Courtship behavior
I. Nocturnal
J. Urine
____ 1. A forceful act used to dominate or control another animal
____ 2. An exchange of information
____ 3. An instinctive seasonal movement of animals
____ 4. An area that an animal defends from other members of its species
____ 5. Animals that are active during the night
____ 6. A group of animals of the same species that live and work together in an organized
____ 7. Attracts male moths from several kilometers away
____ 8. A cyclic response to cold temperatures and limited food supplies
____ 9. Used to mark territories by cats and dogs
____ 10. Allows males and females to be ready to mate at the same time