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Animal Behavior Guided Notes and Practice
Use the article here to learn more about complex, innate and learned
behaviors. Article two – behavior influenced by genetics and environment
Then complete the guided notes and practice below:
Additional Animal Behavior Video (if time)
Part I: Notes
Type of Behavior
Image or picture
Innate (instinct)
Part II. Practice
Example A:
1. Watch the All About Hibernation video and/or Which Animals Hibernate
2. Is this an example of innate or learned behavior?
3. How does this differ from migration? How do they help the animal survive?
Example B:
You hear the message notification on your cell phone ding. You pick up your phone to look at it.
1. Is this an example of an innate or learned behavior?
2. How does learning a new behavior help a species survive?
Example C:
Crows are said to be extremely intelligent. Watch this example and decide:
1. Is this an example of innate or learned behavior?
2. Does this behavior serve any advantage