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Ancient Greece
500-323 B.C.E.
 Greece is a peninsula
about the size of
Louisiana in the
Mediterranean Sea.
 Greece is mountainous
 Greek communities
often times developed
independently because
of the mountains, which
often meant they were
very different
 As a result, they fought
each other a lot.
 Athens developed a
strong and skilled navy
for trading and fighting.
Aqueducts deliver fresh
water to the cities from high
in the mountains.
The Greeks also
invented the construction
Greek Architecture
More Greek Architecture
 Greeks invented arches and columns.
 This took advanced mathematics.
The Greeks were the original Olympians.
Their scientists studied the human body
and could determine the best way to
perform a sport.
Greeks prized fitness and running. The
Marathon, 26.2 miles, emerged from the
battle of Marathon and became a tradition
even to our culture today.
Greek Military
 This is a catapult,
a Greek invention.
 It could throw 300
pound stones at
walls and
Greek Military
 This is a hoplite,
a Greek infantry
 Hoplites were
freemen who had
to pay for their
own weapon and
Greek Military
 This is a
 Soldiers get in
a tight box.
They each have
a large shield
and a 9 foot
long spear.
Greek religion was polytheistic
meaning many gods.
 Athenians were tough but were encouraged
to engage in activities like art, philosophy,
 Athens was a direct democracy where
people vote on everything.
 First democratic government where
citizens vote.
Peloponnesian Wars
431-404 B.C.E.
The Two Sides
 Delian League – The newly formed
Athenian Empire. Controlled the Aegean
 Peloponnesian League – Spartan Empire
which controlled most of main land
The End of Greece
 This war would rage on for nearly 30 years.
 The Greek nation, once united against Persia, was divided
by mistrust and greed.
 Ultimately it was the Greeks, Victors of Persia, creators
of Democracy, Founders of Philosophy and Theatre, that
defeated themselves.
 404 BCE - Athens, Sparta and the whole of Greece would
be concurred by a half Greek nation called Macedonia