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Class 3 learning web – Spring Term 2016
Where is Greece?
Geography – Using atlas to locate Greece, look at surrounding
countries and oceans.
What is Greece like today?
Geography - What is life like in modern Greece?
When in time was the ancient Greek Civilisation?
History – Understanding Chronology – AD and BC
What was life like in Athens?
History – Discovering what it was like to live in Athens.
What was life like in Sparta?
History – How did the Spartans live – how did this compare to the
Why were Greek armies so important?
History/Literacy - why did each state need an Army? The Battle of
What is a democracy?
What did a Hoplite wear?
History, Citizenship, P4C – How does living in a democracy impact History – What weapons and clothing did Greek soldiers have?
our lives? Pros/cons
What would life have been like in ancient Greece?
History/Literacy – individual research about an aspect of Greek life.
What beliefs did the Ancient Greeks have?
History – A look at the Greek gods.
Other Curriculum areas:
Text Types: Myths and Legends, Newspaper reports,.
Class text:
Addition, subtraction, place value, multiplication and
division, time, fractions,
States of matter
RE: Places of worship in different religions
Music: Sing and compose songs and music related to
Ancient Greece.
PE: Greek dance,
MFL: Spanish -
DT: Creating a labyrinth for King Minos
Art: Greek pottery and sculpture
Spirituality: Awareness of our world, compassion and
P4C: Linked to Gospel Values: Faith, Hope and Love