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Chapter 6 Ancient Greece
Section 2 Greek City - States
Vocabulary p. 134
Sparta – An ancient Greek city located on the southern tip of the Peloponessus.
The city was second only to Athens in power and influence
Athens – The capital of Greece in the eastern part of the country. Athens was for
centuries the most important and powerful of the ancient Greek – City – States
Thermopylae – A narrow mountain pass in central Greece where a small group of
Spartan soldiers fought to the last man holding back the Persian army.
Marathon – A plain in Attica, Greece, where the Athenians defeated the Persians
in battle in 490 B.C.
Section 3 The Brith of Democracy
Vocabulary p. 140
5. Monarchy – A government headed by a king or queen.
6. Tyranny – A type of government in which all power is held in the hands of one
ruler, usually a military leader.
7. Oligarchy – A government that is run by a few people , usually by members of
rich, powerful families.
8. Democracy – A government run by the people, in which citizens make their laws
9. Assembly – The basic lawmaking body in a democracy, made up of a group of
10. Pericles – Athenian leader; led Athens during the height of its power and
Section 4 The Legacy of Ancient Greece
Vocabulary p. 144
11. Myth – A story about the gods and goddesses of a particular people.
12. Epic – A long poem that celebrates gods, heroes, or events in a people’s past.