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Chapter 4- Ancient Greece
1. Epic poem2. Arete3. Minoans4. Mycenaeans5. Homer6. Polis7. Acropolis8. Agora9. Hoplite10. Democracy11. Oligarchy12. Helot13. Ephor14. Aristotle15. Solon16. Cleisthenes17. Age of Pericles18. Direct democracy19. Ostracism20. Darius21. Pericles22. Ritual23. Oracle24. Tragedy-
25. Philosophy26. Socratic method27. Aeschylus28. Sophocles29. Socrates30. Plato31. Aristotle32. Thucydides33. Hellenistic Era34. Epicureanism35. Stoicism36. Philip II37. Alexander the Great38. Eratosthenes39. Euclid40. ArchimedesSection 1
1. What role did the mountains and the sea play in the development of Greek history?
2. In what ways was the Minoan civilization an advanced civilization?
3. How was Mycenaean government organized?
4. Why is Homer thought to have created, rather than to have recorded, Greek history?
Section 2
1. What responsibilities did the citizens of the polis have?
2. What political dilemma was caused by the expansion of trade and industry?
3. What role did tyrants play in the development of Greek forms of government?
4. How did the restrictions placed on Spartan males affect their lives?
5. How did Cleistenes create the foundation for democracy in Athens?
Section 3
1. What did victory over the Persians costs the Greeks?
2. What was the role of the Delian League in the creation of the Athenian Empire?
3. Why did Athenians develop and practice ostracism?
4. How did the Great Peloponnesian War weaken the Greek stats?
5. What kinds of work did slaves perform in classical Athens?
Section 4
1. In what ways did the Greeks honor their gods and goddesses?
2. Name 3 Greek tragedies that examine universal themes.
3. How did Aristotle’s idea of government differ from Plato’s?
4. How did Thucydides view of history differ from Herodotus’s view?
5. What was the most important architectural form in ancient Greece?
Section 5
1. What was Philip II’s plan for the conquered Greeks and their city-states?
2. What were the different aspects of Alexander’s legacy?
3. Which four kingdoms emerged following Alexander’s death?
4. What were the major differences between Epicureanism and Stoicism?