Download Chapter 4, Section 1 Study Guide – Early Civilizations in Greece

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Chapter 4, Section 1 Study Guide – Early Civilizations in Greece
1. How did geography shape the development of the Greek civilization?
2. Who discovered the Minoan civilization?
3. What things did the Minoans trade?
4. Why did the Minoan civilization disappear?
5. When did the Mycenaean civilization reach its peak?
6. Who was Homer?
7. Describe the Dark Ages.
8. Define epic poem.
9. What are the Iliad and the Odyssey?
10. Define arête.
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Chapter 4, Section 2 Study Guide – The Greek City-States
1. What is a polis?
2. Define the following:
a. Acropolis
b. Agora
3. Who were hoplites and how did they fight?
4. What was the most notable of the new Greek colonies?
5. What role did tyranny play in Greek history?
6. Define oligarchy and democracy:
a. Oligarchy
b. Democracy
7. Describe the city-states of Sparta and Athens.
8. What did Cleisthenes do?
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Chapter 4, Section 3 Study Guide – Classical Greece
1. What happened to the Persian invaders at the Battle of Marathon?
2. Describe the Battle of Thermopylae.
3. What was the purpose of the Delian League?
4. What type of government did Pericles create for the Athenians?
5. Describe the practice of ostracism.
6. What was the primary function of the Athenian family?
7. What was the result of the Peloponnesian War?
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Chapter 4, Section 4 Study Guide – The Culture of Classical Greece
1. Where did the 12 chief gods and goddesses live?
2. How did the Greeks try to learn the will of the gods?
3. List 3 gods/goddesses and their roles and powers:
4. What were the first Greek dramas?
5. List 2 famous Greek dramatists:
6. Who is considered to be the most famous ancient historian?
7. Define philosophy?
8. What was the goal of the Sophists?
9. Describe the Socratic method.
10. Describe the philosophy of Plato.
11. How did Aristotle’s philosophy differ from Plato?
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Chapter 4, Section 5 Study Guide – Alexander and the Hellenistic Era
1. Who is Philip II?
2. How old was Alexander the Great when he became king?
3. Who finally defeated the Persian empire?
4. By 323 BCE how far had Alexander expanded his empire?
5. What is Alexander the Greats’ legacy?
6. Describe the Hellenistic Era.
7. How many scrolls were in the Great Library at Alexandria?
8. How did Euclid influence mathematics?
9. Who is Archimedes?
10. Describe Stoicism.