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Darwin: Who wants to live a million years !
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Follow the directions for each part of this activity and answer the questions.
Go to the following website:
Part A: Select Learn about Natural Selection and answer the following questions:
1. What are some types of variations that individuals will frequently exhibit?
2.. What happens to beneficial traits with in a population?
Part B: Go to the tab on the top labeled Darwin’s Bio and answer the following questions.
1. Darwin served as naturalist aboard a ship named the _______________ for ___years.
2. What did he discover in South America?
3. The expedition to the Galapagos was very important in Darwin’s creation of his theory of
natural selection. What did he observe of the living things there that helped him formulate
this idea?
4. What is the name of the book written by Darwin that introduced the world to his theory of
evolutionary selection?
5. What is a more correct way to word “evolutionary theory” and why is it better NOT to say
that Darwin came up with the “theory of evolution”?
Part C: Play the survival game and answer the following questions based on your performance
in the game. (You may play a couple of times if you would like)
7. Why is it beneficial to have diversity (variation) in a population?
8. What were some of the selective pressures (limiting factors) in your environment that
accented the survival of some of you population?
9. What were you looking for in the mutation lifeline to help your population survive?
10. Where did these mutations come from? Did it benefit the individual or the offspring?
11. How does this game demonstrate evolution as a genetically based process that is only
influenced by natural selection within the species? (IE – Natural Selection affects whom:
individual or population AND Evolution happens in what individuals or populations)
10. Based on your experience in playing this game, do you think there have been more
extinctions of species than successes of various species? Explain.
Part D: Take the quiz
11. What was your score and what did the quiz say about you at the end 
Critical Thinking: (5pts)
12. Create a short paragraph that uses the following terms, both connecting and explaining them:
Evolution, Natural Selection, Variation, Adaptation, Genes (or Alleles).