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Science Open-Ended Questions
Unit Name
Evolution is the change in a species over a period of time.
 Discuss 3 factors that affect the evolutionary process. Explain in detail.
 What would happen if organisms were not able to adapt to their environment?
The Theory of Evolution by Natural Selection was proposed by Charles Darwin, which replaced
Lamarck’s Theory of Acquired Characteristics.
 Discuss the similarities and difference of these two theories.
 How does natural selection encourage inter-specific and intra-specific diversity over
There is evidence that scientists feel support Darwin’s Theory of Evolution.
 What is the scientific evidence that supports Darwin’s Theory of Evolution?
 What traits do you have that you would like to evolve? Explain your reasoning.
As the field of science has advanced over the years, the introduction and implementation of
technology has assisted scientists in studying evolution and improved the quality of their
 Identify, explain, and demonstrate how technology can be used to determine
evolutionary relationships among species (Gel electrophoresis, DNA/amino acid
 Do you feel that these methods are valid in studying evolutionary relationships? Explain
your reasoning.
Darwin wrote, On the Origin of Species, in which he argued that natural selection is the
mechanism for evolution.
Relate the roles of adaptation and fitness to the theory of natural selection.
Do you think that a characteristic not controlled by heredity can be controlled by natural
selection? Explain your answer.