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Biology 11
Full Name: ________________________
Chapter 15: Darwin’s Theory of Evolution
Part 1: Read Section 15-1 (p.369 – 372) and answer the following questions:
1) What did Darwin’s travels reveal to him about the number and variety of living species?
2) How did the tortoises and birds differ among the islands of the Galapagos?
3) What is evolution? Why is it referred to as a theory?
4) What is a fossil?
5) Darwin found many organisms that were different from any living species. How would
his findings have affected his understanding?
Part 2: Read Section 15-2 (p. 373 – 377) and answer the following questions:
1) What two ideas from geology were important to Darwin’s thinking?
2) According to Lamarck, how did organisms acquire traits?
3) According to Maltus, what factors limited population growth?
4) Evaluate Lamarck’s hypothesis of evolution. How did they contribute to scientific
thought? Why have they been rejected?
Part 3: Read Section 15-3 (p. 378 – 386) and answer the following questions:
1) How is artificial selection dependent on variation in nature?
2) The theory of evolution by natural selection explains, in scientific terms, how living
things evolved over time. What is being selected in this process?
3) What types of evidence did Darwin use to support his theory of change over time?