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Chapter 15
By: Meagan, Kerri &Tyson
Evolution-Change over time is the process by
which modern organisms have descended
From ancient organisms
Dates: February 12 1831
Captain: Charles Darwin
Ship: H.M.S Beagle
Destination: Around the world
Animals found in the Galapagos Islands:
•Land Tortoises
•Darwin Finches
•Blue Footed
•Marine Iguna
James Hutton- 1795 Theory of geologized change
Forces change earth as surface shape
Changes are slow
The Earth is much older than thousands of years
If population grew (more babies born then they die)
Insufficient living spaced
Food runs out
Darwin applied his theory to animals
Russell Wallace writes and essay summarizing evolutionary change in his field of work
Gave Darwin the drive to publish his findings
Natural Selection:\
Natural Variation: Differences among individuals of species
Artificial Selection: Nature provides variation among different organisms and humans
select those variations they find useful
Evolution By Natural Selection:
The struggle for existence
Survival of the fittest
Struggle For Existence
Fossil Record
Geographic Distribution of living things
Homologous body structures
Similarities in early development