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What Evolution is NOT
Evolution is NOT a fact..
• It is a theory: a highly probable
explanation affecting all
biological phenomena, with
much supporting evidence, and
NO evidence against it.
It is NOT concerned
with the origin of life…
• Only the origin of species.
It is NOT just concerned
with the origin of
• No more or less than any other
It was NOT first explained
by Charles Darwin…
• Many other people proposed the
general idea long before Darwin
It is NOT the same as
natural selection…
• Natural selection deals with
how evolution can take place;
this idea was first proposed by
Charles Darwin.
It is NOT something which
happened only in the
• It is still going on today…
It is NOT something which
happens to individuals…
• Evolution happens to
It is NOT an accidental
or random process…
• There are built in limits and
constraints; it is influenced by
both historical circumstances
and environmental factors.
If this is what evolution
is NOT….then what is
Evolution is…
• Gradual change in a species
through adaptations over time.
Hypothesis v. Theory
• H - Explanation for a question or
a problem that can be formally
• T – explanation of natural
phenomenon supported by a
large body of scientific
evidence obtained from many
different investigations and