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Endocrine System
A control system for your body
• Uses chemicals (hormones) to:
a. Regulate internal environment
b. Adapt to stressful situations
c. Promote growth and development
d. Coordinate circulation, digestion, and
absorption of food.
9 Glands of the Endocrine
They make the hormones and
release them into the blood.
1. Pineal Gland
• Produces melatonin
• Regulates our sleep/wake cycle
Try using your science knowledge
to get a later bedtime!
2. Pituitary Gland
• The master gland, it controls other glands
and makes many hormones.
• Regulates growth and pain response.
3. Thymus
• Helps form t-cells which fight infection and
4. Thyroid
• Produces hormones that control
metabolism (how quickly you burn food
5. Parathyroid
• Produces hormones that regulate calcium
levels in your blood.
• Ca is important for bone strength, and
muscle and nerve functions.
6. Adrenal Glands
• Produces adrenaline to help you respond
to stress.
7. Pancreas
• Produces insulin to help control sugar
levels in the blood stream.
8. Ovaries
• Produces estrogen to help regulate the
female reproductive cycle and puberty.
9. Testes
• Produces testosterone which regulate
puberty in males.
Quiz #1
• Which gland helps you adapt to stressful
• Adrenal
Quiz #2
• Which gland controls puberty in females?
• ovaries
Quiz #3
• Which gland regulates the sugar levels in
our blood stream?
• pancreas
Quiz #4
• What hormone does the pancreas make?
• insulin
Quiz #5
• Which gland is also known as the “master
• Pituitary
Quiz #6
• Which gland controls our sleep/wake
• Pineal
Quiz #7
• What hormone does the pineal gland
• melatonin
Quiz #8
• Which gland controls the levels of calcium
in our body?
• Parathyroid
Quiz #9
• Which gland controls our metabolism?
• Thyroid
Quiz #10
• Which gland controls puberty in males?
• Testes
Quiz #11
• What hormone do ovaries make?
• estrogen
Quiz #12
• Which hormone do testes make?
• Testosterone
Quiz # 13
• Which gland helps us fight infections?
• Thymus
Quiz #14
• What hormone helps our body respond to
stressful situations?
• Adrenaline