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Fill in the blank-with the correct answer.
1. The _______________ gland is located in the brain and is often called the Master Gland.
2. Melatonin is a hormone that is secreted by the _________________ gland.
3. The hormones epinephrine and norepinephrine are sometimes referred to as __________________.
4. Parathyroid hormone functions by increasing __________________ levels in the blood.
5. The ________________ gland secretes hormones that regulate glucose oxidation in the body.
6. The _________________ is the inner, mucus layer of the uterus.
7. In women, __________________ gland produces and secretes a lubricating fluid into the vagina.
8. The hormone ________________ is released by the pituitary gland and stimulates lactation.
9. The _________________ is defined as the space between the labia majora and the anus.
10. The term __________________ refers to the first menstruation.
11-12. The fallopian tubes connect the _____________________ to the ____________________.
13. The hormone _____________________ is released by the pituitary gland and stimulates labor.
14. ___________________ are defined as the finger-like projections on the fallopian tubes.
15. In males, sperm exit the epididymis via a tube known as the _______________________
16. Fertilized eggs implant in the __________________ of a female.
17. The _____________________ gland secretes a buffering agent into sperm and their fluid.
18. ________________________are located in the testes and contain cells that produce testosterone.
19. The glans penis is covered by the _______________________.
20. The testes are protected by a fold of skin known as the ______________________.
21. During pregnancy, hormones stimulate the _____________________ to produce milk.
MATCHING-match the description with the correct disorder.
22. Gigantism __________
a) Hyperproduction of adrenal hormones
23. Exopthalamos _________
b) Indicated by high metabolic rate, abnormal weight loss
24. Goiter __________
c) Hypersecretion of Somatotrophic Hormone
25. Cushing Syndrome __________
d) Bulging eyes
26. Addison’s disease __________
e) Hyposecretion of adrenal hormones
27. Grave’s Disease _________
f) Enlarged thyroid gland
MATCHING-match the definition with the correct term.
28. Atresia ________
a) Pregnancy in which the ovum implants outside the uterus
29. Dyspareunia _______
b) Absence or closure of a normal body opening
30. Eclampsia _______
c) Placenta covers the cervical canal resulting in bleeding
31. Ectopic pregnancy _______
d) Occurrence of pain during intercourse
32. Placenta previa _______
e) Toxemia during pregnancy