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Hormone Quiz - KEY
Fill in the blank using the provided words.
endocrine glands
pituitary gland
pineal gland
thyroid gland
adrenal glands
1. The ____endocrine glands______ affect the functioning of the body as well as behavior.
2. The ___thyroid gland_____ is located inside the neck and helps to regulate metabolism.
3. This so-called master gland, the ___pituitary gland____, secretes growth hormone, among other things.
4. The ___pineal gland_______ helps to regulate the sleep-wake cycle.
5. ___Hormones________ (from the Greek word meaning “to excite”) flow into the bloodstream in order
to excite the functioning of target organs.
6. The _______adrenal glands_________, located at the top of each kidney, stimulate the sympathetic
system when we are under stress.
7. The ____gonads_______, or sex glands, secrete hormones that regulate sexual behavior.
8. The ___pancreas_______ controls the level of blood sugar in the body.
9. Explain how stress relates to the immune system.
Stress triggers the release of cortisol, which can inhibit the cells that attack infection and disease.
10. Explain the difference between diabetes and hypoglycemia.
Diabetes is when your pancreas secretes too little insulin in your bloodstream. Hypoglycemia (low blood
sugar) is the result of your pancreas secreting too much insulin.