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Key points
Factors that influence cell lineage and differentiation
Migration of cells
Growth of processes and recognition of target cells
Maps and polarity gradients
Regressive events including cell death and pruning
of axons
Reading – NB these texts mostly describe embryology and do
not discuss cellular developmental events
Nolte (4th Ed), pgs 36-49
Fitzgerald, pgs 1-7
Crossman and Neary, pgs 3-8
Kiernan, pgs 4-11, 39-40
Specification of
the neural tube
and neural crest
Cell lineage and differentiation
Stem cells
What controls the differentiation of
stem cells into neurons and glia?
What are the lineage relationships
between different classes of
neurons and glia?
When does a cell become
committed to a particular
Radial migration in the developing telencephalon
Inside-out sequence of birthdays
Axon outgrowth and target recognition
Growth cones
Substrate guidance
Polarity markers and formation of specific connections
Guidance of growing axons
Diffusible and contact mediated factors – attraction and repulsion
Regressive events
Cell death
Growth or trophic factors
Elimination of axons
Loss of synapses
Retrograde influences on neuronal viability and phenotype
Dendritic spines and synaptic density – changes with age