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6.2 The Marketing Mix—Promotion
True or False
Using an advertising agency is a cost-effective way for a small business to
advertise its products or services.
Online advertising is a more cost-effective way than traditional advertising media
for businesses to reach potential customers.
Television advertising is expensive and generally reaches too broad an audience for
most businesses.
An advantage of radio advertising is that it is relatively inexpensive compared with
television or print advertising.
Newspapers are the best type of advertising media to use when targeting a specific
QR (Quick response) Codes allow magazine advertising to be used in conjunction
with online advertising.
You typically can provide more information on a billboard than you can on a transit
Although publicity is free, it can be negative if the media coverage is unfavorable.
Self-promotion is considered a good way to generate “free” publicity.
Multiple Choice
A paid form of communication sent out by a business about a product or service is
(a) publicity
(b) sales promotion
(c) advertising
(d) a press release.
An online ad that displays in a new window that opens in front of the current
window is called a
(a) pop-up ad
(b) wallpaper ad
(c) banner ad
(d) floating ad.
Which of the following is not a form of online advertising?
(a) Email marketing
(b) Rich media ads
(c) Quick response ads
(d) Social media marketing.
A disadvantage of radio advertising is that
(a) it is a purely audio message
(b) ads are required to be submitted weeks or even months in advance
(c) it is very expensive
(d) it reaches too broad an audience to be effective.
Newspaper advertising is
(a) the best type of media for targeting a specific market
(b) relatively expensive compared with television and radio advertising
(c) not effective for mass marketing
(d) the oldest form of advertising in the United States.
A disadvantage of direct mail advertising is that
(a) it has a low response rate
(b) it does not have a high reach
(c) mailing lists for target markets that are available for purchase are expensive
(d) none of these.
Transit advertising includes ads placed on
(a) buildings
(b) taxis
(c) billboards
(d) privately-owned automobiles.
(a) is generated by media coverage
(b) may involve staging an event or bringing in a celebrity
(c) may be favorable or unfavorable
(d) all of these.
The body of a press release should
(a) include a few sentences that describes your organization
(b) start on the same line as the dateline
(c) be no more than two paragraphs
(d) all of these.