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No longer available as a single entity.
TELAVANCIN (Vibatif®)- requires ID approval for all use
Usual Dose
Adult: 10 mg/kg Q24H IV (UWHC cost/day 139.34)
Pediatric: Not indicated for use in children
1. Complicated skin and skin structure infections due to MSSA, MRSA, streptococcal species and vancomycinsusceptible enterococci.
Telavancin is a vancomycin derivative, and may produce similar infusion reactions (histamine-like reactions) as
vancomycin. At least 10% of patients will experience nausea, vomiting, taste disturbances and/or foamy urine.
Telavancin interferes with the laboratory tests used to evaluate clotting times; the actual clotting times are not affected,
but the test results are affected. Blood samples for these tests should be drawn just prior to a dose for the least
interference. Due to animal studies suggesting fetal harm, telavancin must not be given to pregnant women (Black box
warning). A patient drug monograph (PDM) should be provided to each patient at the start of therapy.
Dose adjustment required in renal insufficiency. See renal dosing guideline on uconnect.
Drug Interactions
Telavancin prolongs the QT interval. This effect is more pronounced when it is given with other drugs that also prolong
the QT interval. The following is a list of drugs that interact with telavancin to prolong the QT interval; an asterisk (*)
indicates that the drug is contraindicated to administer at the same time as telavancin.
• Amiodarone
• Haloperidol
• Ranolazine
• Arsenic Trioxide
• Ibutilide
• Sodium Phosphate
• Asenapine
• Iloperidone
• Sotalol
• Astemizole
• Lapatinib
• Sparfloxacin
• Bepridil
• Levofloxacin
• Sunitinib
• Cisapride
• Levomethadyl
• Telithromycin
• Dasatinib
• Lumefantrine
• Tetrabenazine
• Dofetilide
• Mesoridazine
• Thioridazine
• Dronaderone
• Methadone
• Vardenafil
• Droperidol
• Nilotinib
• Voriconazole
• Fluconazole
• Paliperidone
• Ziprasidone
• Gatifloxacin
• Pimozide
• Halofantrine
• Quinidine
TELBIVUDINE (Tyzeka®) – Non-formulary at UWHC
For up-to-date information on the use of antiretrovirals, consult an HIV expert or