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Environmental Policy Consulting
June 2010 Climate Change Newsletter
Last week’s budget was, not surprisingly, short on green initiatives. However, DECC reiterated
its commitments to reform the energy tax, provide some incentives to stimulate the green
economy and consider changes to aviation taxation. Of course, drastic spending cuts across the
economy and a more sceptical attitude to regulation may well affect environmental policy in time.
Latest climate talks in Bonn failed to reach a breakthrough. The text was criticised for being
biased towards developed country interests, with insufficient commitment to binding targets. A
UN-backed agreement by the end of the year, the aspiration from Copenhagen, seems unlikely.
Meanwhile, the newly-formed Water and Climate Coalition (members include CIWEM) launched
a statement on water and climate change to coincide with the negotiations.
Achilles heel
The Environment Agency has approved the CEMARS (Certified Emissions Measurement and
Reduction Scheme) greenhouse gas certification scheme as an early action metric under the CRC.
A number of water companies already participate in CEMARS, the chosen certification standard
for the Achilles carbon reduction programme. This means the Carbon Trust Standard is no longer
the only option to gain recognition of early action.
The EA has also issued guidance notes on the CRC timeline and a list of participants and
declarers. This shows that around 13% of organisations expected to be caught have registered
with 120 days left before the deadline!
Blue horizon
Water UK has published a joint water industry response to changing economic and environmental
circumstances. Meeting Future Challenges, a blueprint for policy action calls for two years of
reform to ensure another twenty years of improving customer service and environmental quality.
The proposals include a more measured pace to environmental improvement, and continuous
adaptation to climate change and reducing carbon emissions.
Ecosystem services
Environmental Policy Consulting is working with Eftec to develop a detailed methodology for
deriving environmental impact values and relating these to ecosystem services provided by a
given area. This builds on a major international study and the results can be fed into a full costbenefit analysis for use in appraisal.
More BBQ summers
A new report by the Met Office suggests that extreme droughts will become more common this
century. At the extreme, they could occur once every decade, ten times more frequently
than today. Meanwhile, the Environment Agency has updated its drought pages to reflect the
latest situation in the North West, which has seen driest start to year for 80 years.
Catch up on demand
A new Ofwat report, waste not want not – making the best use of our water, aims to stimulate
debate on demand for water. It encourages water and energy companies to work together. It also
recognizes that some current incentives, including to continually reduce opex, may not generate
the most sustainable solutions.
Power surge
As the new administration gets to grips with all that power, some influential positions have
started to be filled. Tim Yeo (South Suffolk) has been elected Chair of the Energy and Climate
Change Committee, taking over from Elliot Morley. Anne McIntosh (Thirsk & Malton) is the
new Chair of the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee, taking over from Michael
Jack. Joan Walley (Stoke-on-Trent North) becomes Chair of the Environmental Audit
Committee, taking over from Tim Yeo.
All ears
A new DECC consultation invites views on where the government can reduce red tape around
energy and climate change legislation. It is part of the Better Regulation programme, but you’ll
have to be quick – views are invited by 1 July.
Blog standard
The Climate Change Committee has launched a new blog to bring you up to date news and views
about climate change. It also covers the work of the Adaptation Sub Committee.
Standard issue
The BSI has published a new standard (PAS 2060), which “gives general requirements to be met
by anyone wanting to achieve and demonstrate carbon neutrality”.
The United States’ National Research Council has called for a national strategy to adapt to the
impacts of climate change. The series of reports, which can be read online for free, also cover
mitigation and the science of climate change.
Great Danes
The Danish Adaptation Centre for Climate Change Adaptation has launched an English language
website, which includes a useful section on water and lots of examples, and newsletter.
Sustainable adaptation in catchment management 6 July Lancaster
Carbon Labelling 13 July London
Role of Hydrology in a Changing Global Environment 19 July Newcastle
Greening Campaign: Launch of Adaptation Toolkit 20 July London
Fish and Climate Change 26-30 July Belfast
World Water Week 5-11 September Stockholm
IWA World Water Congress 19-24 Sept Montréal
Adapting to climate change at the coast 21-23 Sep London
4th European Water & Wastewater Management Conference 26-27 Sept Leeds
The Carbon Show 4-5 Oct London
Climate change & water: A common challenge 14 Oct Brussels
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