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Internal Medicine
It is a late manifestation which often occurs when the CD4count falls below 200/mm3
Three main categories seen with HIV
Grade III or IV Immunoblastic lymphoma (60%)
Burkitt’s lymphoma(20%)- associated to EBV
Primary CNS lymphoma
1. In patients with high CD4 count – Intensive Chemotherapy
In patients with low Cd4 count – low dose Chemotherapy
2. Palliative measures : to decrease the size of the lesion and associated edema
Glucocorticoides :
Cervical cancer
There is a five-fold risk of developing cervical c.a. in women with AIDS
Is associated with human papilloma virus infection
Invasive c.a. of the Cervix is an AIDS defining illness.
Abnormal PAP smear is seen in 60%of HIV infected women
Anorectal c.a. may also be seen in homosexual men
Clinical Staging of HIV/AIDS
There are different types of staging systems. The most common are:
The WHO clinical staging system
The CDC staging system
WHO Clinical Staging System for HIV/AIDS
It is a system designed for estimating the degree of immuno-suppression on clinical
Intended for use in patients known to have HIV (i.e. HIV+ antibody test)
It is widely used in recourse limited settings to make decisions as to when to start
patients on ART
According to this staging system there are 4 clinical stages